About Faridabad


Faridabad, largest city in Haryana, is located in Faridabad District. It is known as a foremost industrial center. It is situated in NCR that borders the capital of India, New Delhi. It is conveniently accessible from all places in NCR. In political and geographical terms, the city has a prime location. The Yamuna River forms eastern boundary of this city with Uttar Pradesh.

Union territory of Delhi on north, Gurgaon on west, and UP on east and south bound Faridabad district. NH-2 also known as Shershah Suri Marg passes through the centre of city dividing it in two parts that are equal almost. It is also called industrial capital of Haryana. in order to protect Delhi-Agra road, it was constituted a municipal in the year 1867. It is ranked 9th in biggest industrial cities of Asia by Faridabad Industries Association. It is famous for production of Henna in agriculture sector. Apart from that, its industrial products such as switch gears, tractors, motorcycles, refrigerators, tyres and shoes are highly famous all across the country. As far as industries in the city are concerned, there are about 200 large and medium scale industries and around 15000 small scale industries.

Faridabad individually is contributing to generate around 60% revenues in Haryana. It was involved under the resettlement of Pakistani refugee. Since then, light development in industrial area began in the year 1950. At present, it is famous for its brilliant tourist resorts. Its initial foundation of infrastructure was laid down by refugees.

The development and growth of the city has witnessed migration of people from the entire country to get jobs and enjoy better standard of living. For most of the industries, corporate bodies, IT companies, and different governmental departments prefer Faridabad city to expand and grow their respective areas alongside contributing towards the city’s further enhancement and expansion. the city is still undergoing developments and pursues the caliber to transform itself into a modern city with fully-fledged amenities, world class infrastructure giving a tough competition to other develop metropolitan cities of India.

finally, it is heating up as a smart with an aim to be enlisted in top 20 smart cities of India that are yet to be chosen. The city as a whole is doing everything which is possible to become one of the top twenty smart cities. When it comes to marketing via social media, it is spicing the things up. It actively takes part on India Smart Cities Challenges. This competition is designed in such as way so that to provide a strong support to MCFs. MCF of a city is responsible for development of smart proposals in order to improve lives of residents. Through this competition, Faridabad is moving one step ahead in the direction of economic growth, improving governance and producing better outcomes for all inclusive welfare of its residents,
In short, Faridabad is a best place to promote your company’s growth. The city provides ample of opportunities in terms of jobs, promoting industries and becoming financially independent.