Chief Minister Desk

Message from Hon’ble Chief Minister Haryana

Shri-Manohar-Lal-KhattarWe envisage Haryana as a vibrant, dynamic and resurgent unit of federal India. The importance of urban development i.e. infrastructure, governance and administration further increases in the State as urban population has increased by 34.88% with a decadal growth of 44.59% as per 2011 Census.

My Government aims at seamless growth and empowerment of Urban Local Bodies in the State. The Department of Urban Local Bodies (ULB) is determined to give transparent and accountable governance to its urban citizens through delivery of services in time bound manner and providing better urban infrastructure. For the first time the Department has rolled out various services through web based electronic system such as Registration and Certification of Birth, Death and Marriage, Approval of Building Plans, Occupation Certificate, Approval of Fire fighting scheme, approval of fire NOCs, Issuance of License U/s 330, 331, 335 and 336. Department is also committed and determined to give its citizen neat and clean environment through Swachh Haryana Mission.

Keeping tabs on the pulse of the people, ours will be a government with a difference. Reflecting out-of-box thinking and fresh approach to issues, we shall seek to redefine concepts and induce new thought processes. We have already set the ball rolling for putting in place a transparent, graft-free and responsive administration which will put a full stop to the legacy of opaque decision-making and iniquitous distribution of resources. An administration, that feels and cares for the people who have vainly craved for it, for long. With three D’s of Democracy, Demography and Demand on our side, we envisage to actualize people’s aspirations by building a bond of trust with them, a bond that will rest on the pillar of people-friendly governance.