Heritage – Faridabad


Faridabad is a known and highly flourishing city located in Haryana. The city holds great significance from historical point of view. Around 60% of Haryana’s revenues come from alone this city. Sheikh Farid, treasurer of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, founded it in the year 1607. The reason on which the foundation is this amazing city lays down is the protection of Grand Trunk Road that passed via place. This road is now known as National highway-02. Here some of the heritages of this city described as below:

  1. Construction by sheikh Farid: Alongside founding the Faridabad city, Sheikh Farid, also known as Baba Farid, built a fort, a mosque and a water tank. Later, Jat rulers conquered all these construction. These rulers made Faridabad capital of state Ballabhgarh.
  2. Henna production: Faridabad is popular for henna production industry. Besides, it is home for industries that are based on manufacturing of tractors, motorcycles, refrigerators, tires, shoes etc. in this way; the city is contributing a large part to India’s economy.
  3. Nahar Sing palace: It is one the popular heritages of Faridabad. Raja Nahar Singh palace is located in Ballabhgarh. Rao Balram built it in 18th Now it is converted into a heritage resort. Sayings are that Raja Nahar Singh was a key role player in 1857 freedom war. Later, Britishers hanged him.
  4. Wheat production: when it is about agriculture, Faridabad is prime producer of wheat. It is the main source of agriculture in Haryana. However, wheat production later moved to the villages of Haryana due to boom in population during 1990s. Anaaj Mandi or grain market still is of great heritage value and continues to exist in the old Faridabad’s realms.
  5. A hub of industries and IT sector: It became a hub for industries and IT sector right from the time of India Pakistan partition. During partition, vast majority of refugees migrated into Faridabad and this city warmly welcomed them. It not only gave them employment opportunities, but also provided them the right to live with pride. Since then, industries began to expand and it became a focused point of interest for various governmental bodies, corporate, business houses and many more. It is in fact now expanding in IT sector.

At present, Faridabad is a hope for people seeking employment opportunities. Since the time of Indo-Pak partition, it has continued to grow and expand possibilities of development in the city.