History of Faridabad


As everyone knows, Faridabad is the largest city of Haryana, a north India state. The city is a hub for industrial development and it is continuously heading towards economic growth. Striving to become one of the top twenty smart cities, it every action aims to fulfill this dream of entire city. The city is well-recognized all across the country as a centre of industries and population as well.

Its history begins with its foundation. The city was founded in the year 1607 by Shaikh Farid. He was a sufi saint and people often used to call him as ‘Baba Farid. He was also the treasurer of Jahangir, famous Mughal emperor. The main aim to establish Faridabad was to protect the Grand Trunk road (National Highway-02 now). Later, the city was announced as the Headquarters of Pargana. Balllabgarh was the then ruler of Pargana. Mughals were ruling Faridabad but later in the early period of 18th century Britishers took over it.

In the year 1950, during the time of India Pakistan partition, in order to rehabilitate the refugees of Pakistan, establishment of industries took place in the city. This was the foundation of industrial development in Faridabad.  Further, it began to grow and develop gradually when more and more refugees from Pakistan began entering India. Faridabad was a kind of place which was considered as a bounteous for working. Soon, it filled Pakistani refugees alongside people of different communities, religions, races and multi-language. At present, Faridabad is among the top most centers known for plenty of opportunities in agriculture and industrial sector.

Once, it was a part of Gurgaon District, but it was separated from it and announced as a separate district. On 15 august, 1979, it became the district headquarters and also 12th district of Haryana. From historical point of view, the city was ruled by the British and the Mughals.

The city bears great significance historically and from industrial point of view. The city leads the entire country as thousands of known and reputed and large scale industries like Lafarge, Yamaha, Whirlpool, Escorts, Imperial Auto Pvt. Ltd., Havell’s, Bhartia Cutler hammer, L & T, Khaitan and many others are situated here. Apart from large scale, there are around 25000 small scale industries located in the city.

Besides, the area is numerous and all-direction expansion in IT sector also. Trained and skilled professionals are migrating to Faridabad for a bright and secured future.