Directions to complete Caste Census received from Director General,Urban Local Mission Director,SUDA, Haryana – 15/03/2018 new
Minutes of Meeting – 06/03/2018 new
Delegation orders regarding renewal of License under section 330 and 331 -15/03/2018 new
POSTING / TRANSFER – 15/03/2018 new
Door to door collection charges notification -12/03/2018 new
OFFICE ORDER MCF/PA/2018/146 – 07/03/2018 new
Office order regarding deficit works and available assets of colony-07/03/2018 new
DELEGATION ORDERS MCF/PA/2018/148 -DATED 07/03/2018 new
Delegation for encroachments on both sides of the roads- 08/03/2018 new
POSTING / TRANSFER – 07/03/2018 new
OFFICE ORDER MCF/PA/2018/125 – 05/03/2018 new
OFFICE ORDER MCF/PA/2018/115 – 05/03/2018 new
OFFICE ORDER MCF/PA/2018/114 – 05/03/2018 new
Delegation order regarding sanction of EOL – 05/03/2018 new
Delegation orders to sign all cheques/RTGS/NEFT – 05/03/2018 new
Office order regarding Online Water/Sewer Services- 05/03/2018 new
Office Order regarding CM Announcement and completion of work – 05/03/2018 new
Office Order regarding powers of holding negotiations of rates with contractors for development/maintenance works/purchase/service contracts -26/02/2018 new
Office Order regarding issuance of Birth and Death Certificates-26/02/2018 new
Office Order regarding removal of overdue complaints received from CM Window Cell – 22/02/2018 new