Faridabad is a hub of industries, heritage sites and historical places as well. It has a rich history. Sheikh Farid, who was the treasurer of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, founded it and that is why the city gains more importance. Apart from industries and IT companies, it has some amazing tourist attractions for people to must visit them. It is a great place to visit if you have few days to travel. Your travelling to Faridabad will be a memorable weekend getaway that you can enjoy with your family and loved ones. Besides, it is also famous for henna powder, so don’t forget to buy it before returning back to your home.

It is not only an economic hub; it organizes different fairs in order to share its cultural heritage with tourists. Apart from that, you can relish your tongue with vibrant food cuisines like its locals. While your vacation in Faridabad, you must try taste of street food of this city reflecting the character and specialty of this city. Moreover, after satisfying your appetite with mouth watering foods, you can head towards market of sector 15 and sector 5. Here you can find chilled lassi, paani poori, aloo tikki and lots more. All this will give you a glimpse of city’s rich culture and heritage.

In spite of rapid modernization and growth of the city, it has successfully retained its enriched heritage and glorious history. You must experience all the unique things of Faridabad buy visiting it as once.

  1. Festivals
  2. Surajkund Crafts Mela: It will be an enthralling experience for you to tap your feet on the bets of folk dancers. Surajkund Crafts Mela is organized by Haryana Tourism Department. This fair has some of the finest demonstrations with unusual and exceptional range of products. It will give you a sheer and pure ambience of rural areas making it more appealing. You must come to get exposed to great talents indulged in paintings, textiles, wood stock, ivory and stone work, pottery, grass and terracotta work etc. highlighting the vibrant and cherished cultural array of their inhabitant state.
  3. kartik cultural festival: Kartik Culural festival is an annual festival. It is organized every year in November at Nahar Singh Palace located in Ballabgarh. Ministry of tourism, Haryana tourism, department of youth affairs and sports, department of culture, north zone cultural centre, Nehru yuva Kendra sangathanm development commissioners of handicrafts and handlooms and beautification and development society of Ballabgarh jointly conduct this festival. Focus of this festival is to encourage martial arts in both Indian classical dance and music, fort ambience, and a rich varied range of folk theatre. Come and experience the richness of Faridabad.
  4. Lakes

Badkal Lake: Badkal Lake covers a large area of 206 acres. It is a picturesque lake located in Badkal village, Faridabad. This village is around 32 kms away from Delhi. The name of this lake is derived from ‘Bedakhal’, a Persian word. It refers to interference free. A man made embankment surrounded with beautiful flowering trees green lawns and amazingly landscaped gardens. Aravalli hills encompass it from every direction providing brilliant facilities of water sports. It is an ornithologist paradise having varied kinds of migratory and local birds.

This lake and entire space surrounding it, is a home for number of birds’ species. While travelling faridabd, do not miss this opportunity to visit Badkal Lake. You will feel close to nature and away from city noise.  Flower show is the main tourist attraction of Badkal Lake. This show is conducted every year in spring season. Come and feel the beauty of nature within you.

  1. Religious Places:
  2. Baba Farid’s tomb: This tom of Baba Farid, originally named as Sheikh Farid, is situated in Faridabad. He was the founder of Faridabad city and therefore the tomb in his memory is the most famous pilgrimage for local people as well as tourists. He was an eminent sufi saint and also treasurer of Jahangir, the Mughal emperor.
  3. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple: This temple is situated in Sector 16A on Badkal-Surajkubd road. Sprawling over an area of 3 acres, this temple is situated approximately 30 KMs from Delhi. It is popularly known as Sai Dhaam. The Temple has an edifice of Sai Baba of 5.25 height made with white marble.

iii. Shiva Temple: This temple of Lord Shiva is positioned on Sainik colony of Sector 49, Faridabad. The temple is so marvelous that you cannot miss visiting it. Every day, devotees in hundreds of number visit here to offer their prayers.

  1. St. George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church: People belonging from all communities and religions visit this church located 4 km in the east of the city, Sector 2 , Ballabgarh. Being one of the oldest churches, it was founded in the year 1981.
  2. St. Mary’s Orthodox Church: It belongs to Indian Orthodox Church of Delhi Diocese known as Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. It is located on Sector-9 of Faridabad. It was founded the year 1964 and christened to name as St. Mary’s Orthodox Church.
  3. Surajkund: It is located 20KMs away from Delhi. It is a village situated in Faridabad. It lies between Baharpur and Lakkarpur villages. It is belived to be constructed by Surajpal, a Rajput king of Tomar dynasty. It comprises a beautifully made Rajhans, fresh water pool called as Siddha Kund and a garden. This pool is believed to have healing characteristics.